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dinoonyourface: ugh obsessed with your instagram tbh it always looks like you have so much fun

aww haha I try and make sure to make all my days off work something really fun! You gotta join sometime!

Jessie Ware. Tough Love

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Really stressed  out because I am moving into my new lil place in 15 days and everything from Groceries, to trying to buy a decent fridge is stressing me out. This place is conveniently located about a 1 minute buss ride from downtown.  I went out today looking for a bunch of stuff and everything is so expensive and I don’t even plan on living there for that long.  I already packed half my room away.  I really wish someone would have moved out into a big studio with me. I’m also going to job hunt downtown and around my place because it’s too far for my current job. Also class registrations are on the 25th and I’m freaking out about that as well. OH! and my job didn’t pay me for the two weeks I worked with them! LOL.