Issa.20.San Diego.

I don’t get people who complain about Coachella and talk so much shit about it and never gone! It’s like those people who say they don’t like a certain food when they have never even put it to their mouth. Yeah it has it’s basics, white girls  and culturally insensitive assholes with headdresses and maybe a bunch of people who yeah, are just going to literally rage in the Sahara Tent all day to EDM. It’s really cool though if you meet up with all your friends, you get to see your favorite acts, participate in fun activities, make some memories camping (for the first time for some) and also it’s 100X cheaper to go to Coachella then spend all your money on 40$ tickets for all the LA shows of Coachella artists in April. Also the same people who talk are sitting at home live streaming, reblogging all the photos of Beyonce onstage with Solange and wishing they were there too.

WOW Ok so let me get this straight?  Kanye West wears a skirt onstage and makes men wearing skirts acceptable? and then Kid Cudi wears a fucking crop top at Coachella and now ya’ll jumping on that too? When there are hundreds of boys already doing that long before and you call them “faggots”.  ugh FUCK OFF. 

There’s a heart I cannot hide
There’s a beat I can’t deny
When it sings, when it lies
When it cheats, when it bribes

There’s a war inside my core
I Hear it fight, I hear it roar
Go ahead, go ahead
Lay your head where it burns

Even though it hurts
Even though it scars
Love me when it storms
Love me when I fall
Every time it breaks
Every time it’s torn
Love me like I’m not made of stone

Devil’s hand across my heart
As we dance through the dark
so Go ahead, go ahead
Love me deep until you can’t

Love me all until it heals,
Will you Love my scars until I heal. 

Lorde. Everybody Wants to Rule the World 

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I haven’t really talked about anything on here much huh? Well Coachella is next week and you better believe I will be at the Outdoor Stage with my daisy chain headband for Lana Del Rey lol. I’m also moving to Los Angeles in May/June. What is official is that I won’t be in San Diego any longer! hehe. Just need to find the perfect studio and a roommate then I’m set!