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Anonymous: Why don't you just reblog all those posts instead of reposting them...

GOOD QUESTION! I save all my favorite photos in file on my computer and every time I am on I pick photos in the same color story to post, if that makes any sense?

contenu: Bananas can be very cheap when you're on a budget and also filling! Whenever I have little money I always get bananas and use my nut spreads (almond, peanut, cashew, whatever) to eat with them and I just drink a lot of water too because it can make you feel full. I know you didn't ask for any advice on that kind of shit but this is what helps me a lot and maybe it can help you too :)))

Thanks so much for taking the time to give me some advice! I went and bought a bunch of bananas today and almond butter and was actually full from it but I put it on toast so it was a banana an almond butter sandwich. 

Perfume Genius. All Along

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Payed my rent, Payed my phone bill, Payed my buss pass and now have 14$ to my name for the next week… and I haven’t even bought groceries UGHHHHHHH…I’m probs gonna buy like 10$ worth of “groceries” at the 99 cent store aka canned soups and cheetos. LOL