Issa.20.San Diego.


Oh did I mention that me and issatron stood behind Solange during Pharrell’s set on Saturday? God damn it take me back to coachella

And then we find out that Beyonce’ was next to her the whole time AFTER we get back. God dang. I would have casually jumped that barricade and casually danced next to her if I had known! Seeing Jay-z and Usher perform was crazy too. 

Anonymous: hentaiguy94 is talking shit about you and your pictures on twitter drag him

Yeah that was probably the weirdest internet experience I’ve ever had. He only called me a “weird kid”, which is fine because I totally am but yeah he did sort of upload my “Butt pics” to his personal twitter feed…but he was really nice about taking them down. IDK what “drag him” means but I didn’t have to do anything drastic.They are deleted and he apologized. :)

LYKKE LI . No Rest For The Wicked (feat. A$AP Rocky)

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I understand sexual preferences and stuff but I don’t think my friends understand how fucking put down I feel every time they openly dream about white, fair, and pale skinned boys and never mention being attracted to anyone of color. It’s worse when they use words like “pure” to describe them. as if my dark skin is some form of evil or not pure? Yeah white people are beautiful but there are also so many beautiful people of color. This is probably my only comment on that kind of stuff. I just hate feeling like I don’t ever have a chance with anyone because of my skin color.  I was talking about this with someone yesterday like I’ve never even heard any of my gay friends say “Yeah I think (Latino/Black/Asian/Middle eastern) boys are (hot/sexy/beautiful)” Also 99% of my dashboard is reblogs of white, fair, or pale skinned boy like WTF?  UGH.